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Zimbabwe Citizenship

 Zimbabwe Citizenship Act came into force on 31st December 1984 and was amended on 6th July, 2001 and 2003 (Citizenship of Zimbabwe Amendment Act No. 12 of 2003). This information refers to the position after 31st December 1984.

  Prohibition of dual citizenship

 No adult citizen of Zimbabwe shall be entitled to be a citizen of foreign country. However, minors are allowed to enjoy dual citizenship until they turn 18 but before the 19th birthday they have to make a choice as to their preference of citizenship.

  Frequently asked questions

 How can a person who is not a Zimbabwean citizen become one?

 Foreign nationals may make applications for registration as citizens of Zimbabwe on condition that: They have ten years legal ordinary residence in Zimbabwe and such applications are made in person at the offices of the Registrar General of Citizenship Zimbabwe. Those applying for Zimbabwe Citizenship must be ordinarily resident in Zimbabwe.

  Is everyone who became a citizen of Zimbabwe before 31st December 1984 still  Zimbabwean?

 Yes, if:

 • The person is not a citizen of a foreign country.

 • The person has renounced foreign citizenship in terms of the foreign law of that country

    by the 6th January 2002.

 • The person on attainment of the age of majority renounced foreign citizenship in the

    form and manner prescribed by the foreign law of which one is a citizen

  Will a person born in Zimbabwe to parents of foreign origin loose Zimbabwe citizenship?

 Yes, if the person does not renounce foreign citizenship by descent in terms of the foreign law within the prescribed period.

  Does a person loose Zimbabwe citizenship by absence?

 Yes, if the person is a citizen of Zimbabwe by registration who has been absent from Zimbabwe for a continuous period of 5 years.

  For further details on application procedures approach the Citizenship Office at Makombe Building in Harare.

 Statutory fees for citizenship of documents are as follows:

  1. For searching records relating to any one year for any document entry of other record - US$10.   

  2. For making a photocopy of any document, for each page - US$10.

  3. For the issue of:

 • A certificate of confirmation of citizenship (citizenship status certificate) - US$50.

 • A certificate of registration of citizenship by descent - adult US$10.

 • A certificate of registration of citizenship by descent - minor US$5.

 • Certificate of renunciation of Zimbabwe citizenship - US$200.

  4. For restoration citizenship.

 • By descent - US$10.

 • Otherwise than by descent (not by descent) - US$5000.

 • By SADC descendants under section 9A of the Act - US$10.

  5. Initial registration as citizen of a foreign person who is applying on the basis of permanent residence and is not of Zimbabwean descent - adult US$5000.

  6. Initial registration as a citizen of foreign person who is applying on the basis of permanent residence  and is not of Zimbabwean descent - minor US$5000.